Juhi Zaf. Zarda One Star

69.00 MRP (Inclusive of all taxes)

  • Chewing tobacco is made from processed tobacco leaves and often contains various additives, flavors, and chemicals to enhance taste and shelf life.
  • Carefully Blended With Saffron Filaments.
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  1. Aroma: Saffron has a distinctive aroma characterized by its floral, honey-like, and slightly metallic notes. Blending saffron with chewing tobacco would impart a unique scent, setting it apart from regular chewing tobacco products.
  2. Taste: The addition of saffron could add complexity to the flavor profile of the chewing tobacco, introducing subtle sweetness and earthy undertones associated with saffron.
  3. Color: Saffron is known for its rich golden-yellow color. Incorporating saffron into chewing tobacco could potentially alter the appearance of the product, giving it a unique hue.
  4. Cost: Saffron is one of the most expensive spices by weight. Blending it with chewing tobacco would significantly increase the cost of the product, positioning it as a premium or luxury item.
  5. Texture and Consistency: The blending process would need to ensure that the saffron is evenly distributed throughout the chewing tobacco to maintain consistency in flavor, aroma, and appearance.
  6. Cultural Significance: Saffron holds cultural significance in many regions and is often associated with luxury and exclusivity. A chewing tobacco blend with saffron could appeal to consumers looking for a unique and premium product.
  7. Health Considerations: It’s essential to note that chewing tobacco, like all tobacco products, carries health risks. The addition of saffron does not mitigate these risks and does not make the product safer to use.
  8. Regulatory Considerations: Any new tobacco product or blend would need to comply with local and international regulations governing tobacco and food additives. This includes considerations related to labeling, health warnings, and ingredient disclosure.


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